Friday, 10 May 2019

Nifty Option Writing(Selling) Positional Update 10-May-2019

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Time Frame Used -3 Minutes.

Option Strike Selection - Option Premium between 170 To 290.

No Intraday Only Positional..

“Day trading is highly addictive. The fast action and quick good and bad results create a highly addictive environment which can easily sway you away from the goal, which is to make consistent returns from the market. Moreover stock selection and a proper system is most important part in intraday trading, which is not an easy task”.

If traders need to succeed in the market then they should follow a system, which is a properly back tested one, having lesser draw downs and having good return on capital employed. So the mantra for a consistent return from the positional trading system is:

                “To attend all the signals and to have a proper capital which includes for the drawn down phase of the system”. If these are in control of the traders, then no one can stop the consistent return from the market.

Our Nifty And Bank nifty Positional Trading system Gives More-than 200% returns..

Current Position in option selling...

We Short Nifty 11800 CE @ 247 Now 110( +137).
Still In Sell trend. Keep watch..

Nifty 11800 CE

Nifty Futures